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Big City

Dragging two suitcases and trying to find a place to stay in Milan is not fun.
So being paranoid, I booked all the hotels in Venezia and Roma immediatly after I found a free Internet.

If I want to go to Verona and Sorrento, I'll book separately.
Walking in this big city for the whole day is fun but scary, especially at an empty train station at night....

I miss home and I miss company.

To be a better David

在 Galleria Dell 'Accademia, 我盯著 18 英尺高的大衛像看了 20 分鐘。

原來在米開朗基羅的眼中,David 是這個樣子啊。

You are my new role model, David.
This is perfection, from a new angle.