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Tips on Mac Conversion

As a new Mac User, I ran into many questions and problems with Mac. Weirdly, most of my Mac friends don't know how to answer any of my simple questions like "How to find my own IP" or "how to increase font size". Don't get me wrong: they are totally smart people who can probably troubleshoot TCP/IP stack overflow problems if need be, but somehow they just get "dumbed-down" when using Mac.

So, before I get dumbed down as well, let me write down some things I learn from Mac in the past couple of days.

1. How do I increase system font size?
The short answer is, you can't.
However, with TinkerTool, you can.
2. How do I run P2P on Mac?
The short answer is, don't. Use your PC for that.
But you can always get aMule(eMule) or Vuze(BT) if you really haveß to.
3. My mp3 songs show garbage characters in Mac iTunes.
If your mp3s are displaying correctly in Windows, convert all your songs' ID3 tags to version 2.4 in Windows first. ID3 v1 doesn't support unicode, and Mac iTunes only work with unicode, so you must convert your songs to ID3 v2.4 with unicode format before moving to the Mac world. If your songs display garbage characters in Windows too, I feel very sorry for you.
4. iTunes Gapless Playback Checking takes forever and it hangs.
There is no cure for this one. The only 2 ways to solve it is either let it finish, or press the Cancel (x) really quick.
5. How do I move my pictures from Picasa to iPhoto?
You can not move the albums you made, nor the comments you wrote to the pictures out of Picasa. To import the photo folders to iPhoto, first go to Advanced preference and uncheck “Copy items to the iPhoto Library". Two reasons: 1. the iPhoto Library is actually a database file, not a folder structure, so you won't be able to get pictures out of iPhoto very easily. 2. iPhoto does not import WAV, WMV, text files or other things it doesn't recognize, so if you have other media files in your folder, iPhoto won't import them, then you have to manually pick those files out and store somewhere else.
6. How do I login to multiple MSN accounts?
Try Adium.
7. Mac 的拼音好難用。有沒有拼音繁體輸入法?
試試看 QIM. 我覺得還不錯,繁體字的支援也比 PC 版的 Google 好!
8. How do I play videos I downloaded from the Internet?
DivX, Windows Media and Real Player all have Mac version!
9. How do I upload pictures to Picasa Web Album?
Use "Picasa Web Albums Downloader" from Google.
10. How to use Cut & Paste in Finder?
The short answer is, you can't. The long answer is, Apple thinks Cut & Paste is a poor metaphor and it is not a good design, blah blah blah......


11. 要如何跳到一行字的起頭或是結尾?
我不知道 :(
(updated 7/13) Yes you can, to jump to the beginning of line of text, click "Command + Left", to go the end, click "Comand + Right". And if you want to do it the good old PC-way, you can always try the freeware tools like "DoubleCommand" or "KeyFixer".


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