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If I die


If I die, my funeral should be a concert. Every friend/family of mine will come and sing his/her favorite song for me, and everyone who attend will get a mug as souvenir (I hope I have enough mugs for everyone).

I will give all my money and assets to my parents, they will need it more than I do.
I will give all my gadgets to Ann because she is just as geeky as me.
I will give all my clothes to Diana, so that she can sell them off at the Flea Market.
I will donate all my books to the library.
I will burn a copy of my photos to my important friends and families (without my private pictures, of course).

I think that's all! I just summarized my life's achievement in 2 paragraphs.

Dreaming my worst nightmares?



另一次我又夢到自己得了 HIV.

這到底代表了甚麼?Am I subconsciously scared of the upcoming change?